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Why does cashing out on quick games take so long? Time is money, Sunbet. Fix this, ASAP! There are so many payment options these days. Sunbet needs to get with the times. Also, I couldn't find any info on how to verify my account. Not a smooth experience.

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Hey, so I use Sunbet for sports betting. It's fine for placing bets, but the odds could be better. Customer service is sharp, though. Where are the promos? It's just OK, man. So I signed up because of the welcome bonus but learned about the wagering requirements the hard way. You can cash out during live games, but the feature is a bit slow. I wish they offered more tips or guides for newbies. It took me a bit to understand the bet types available. Some of the niche sports offerings are random. Who bets on snooker, really?

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Meyer Bosman

Concerned about the responsible gambling thing. It feels like they're just ticking a box, you know? They need to do more to help people gamble safely. Not impressed. Signed up, looked for more guidance on setting limits, but found nothing. The site talks about responsible gambling but doesn't offer many tools to actually help you. Minimum withdrawal is fine, but they should focus on the bigger picture. Most people gamble for fun but can get into trouble. Sunbet should be more proactive in this area.

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Sunbet's the pits, mate. Promos are just for specific sports, so you're stuffed if you don't dig those. Payment options? A joke – only three! One's a dodgy EFT I've never come across. Customer support's average. And that MVG loyalty nonsense? Only for local punters, and it's useless. Give Sunbet a skip.

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Sunbet is alright, I suppose. It's not my top pick for sports betting, but it gets the job done. The promotions are decent, but the payment options could be better. Customer support is fairly good, and the site looks nice. The MVG loyalty program is a cool idea, but it's not really my cup of tea.

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I've used Sunbet for a bit, and it's nothing to write home about. The promos only cover a few sports, and the payment options leave much to be desired. Customer support is slow and unhelpful. The site itself is alright, but the hassle isn't worth it. The MVG loyalty program is a joke. I just want to bet on sports and collect my winnings, not visit some actual place to use my points. I'm done with this site, it's a waste of my time.

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Been on Sunbet for a bit and I'm chuffed. Navigating's a breeze and sport-related promos are lekker. Customer support's on point too, with multiple contact methods. Overall, Sunbet's a winner.

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Sunbet's a dud. Promos only cover certain sports, and payment options suck. Just three choices?! One's an EFT thing I've never known. Nah, Sunbet's not for me.

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Sunbet is okay, I guess. It's not my first choice for sports betting but it gets the job done. The promotions are nice but the payment options are a bit limited. The customer support is decent and the site looks good. The MVG loyalty program is a nice touch but I'm not really interested in using it.

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So I've been using Sunbet for a while now and I'm not impressed. The promotions are only for a few sports and the payment options are seriously lacking. And the customer support is slow and unhelpful. The site itself is okay but it's not worth the hassle. And the MVG loyalty program is just ridiculous. I just want to bet on sports and get paid, not go to some physical location to use my points. I'm done with this site, it's a waste of time.

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