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Jamille Ruis

I should’ve left the moment this site started lagging. I played for about a week and got some good money in my account, but they won’t let me withdraw it. Don’t trust this site!

Kalira Gert avatar
Kalira Gert

I use many bookmakers. Playabets is still one of the best platforms for betting on sports and different gambling. There is a big variety of types of bets and events.

Kerat avatar

After some time it doesn’t allow to enter the account refers to incorrect login or password. Changed the password 5 times through – did not help. What may be the reason?

Jarry avatar

Have you tried to contact technical support?

Kerat avatar

Yes, I was asked for an ID and screenshots of the website. It’s taking too long to resolve the problem! This is unacceptable, I’m losing money!

Kodwo avatar

I don’t like that there are very few bonuses for new customers compared to competitors’ platforms. However, at least they allow you to withdraw money, which is good. However, there are better sites than Playabets.

Kwame avatar

If you don’t know what numbers to bet on, choose your relatives’ birthdays! That’s how I managed to win a lot of money on playa bets! This is the best betting platform I have ever dealt with.

Ivory avatar

Great site, one of the best among its competitors so far. I bet on sports games here regularly and I’m happy with it.

Imran_89 avatar

This platform was recommended by my friends, some of them even managed to win small amounts of money by betting on lottery results. I want to try my luck too!

Jafar avatar

I have seen some negative reviews of playabets, but so far I have not come across the problems described in them. The only downside is that the site can sometimes take a long time to load at night.

Kalai avatar

It may be because of the large influx of new users at this time of day. For me, for example, withdrawal at night takes much longer than during the day. But I agree, it’s the biggest drawback of Playa bets so far. Otherwise, it’s OK.

Welheminah L avatar
Welheminah L

By far the worst betting site I’ve used, the support service is bad, the Whatsapp one and the email version.

Their website is slow, at times its impossible to use.

No to mention the difficulties I’ve encountered whilst trying to FICA my doccuments, a document clearly valid was rejected

If you’re looking for a betting site this one isn’t worth the trouble

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