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YesPlay reviews

YesPlay reviews


YesPlay reviews page. There you can add you review and read reviews of other users of betting site


Kojo G avatar
Kojo G

Nice service, excellent lotto and casino games, helpful customer support! Pay times are not so great, though. It sometimes takes YesPlay between 24-48 hours to let you withdraw your money, which kind of kills the excitement. Things like that should only take minutes, an hour at most.

Pocko T avatar
Pocko T

My favorite site for betting. It works without any lags, which is something I experienced on other sites. Navigation is easy, all the different game categories are located at the top of the screen. Live sports betting is fun and I have already won several times. If I were to choose one site for lotto and live bets, this would be the one without any doubt.

Yazid avatar

I’d not recommend gambling to anyone since it is high-risk and addictive, but if it is already what you do, YesPlay is the best place in SA to try your luck. I chose it because it is very secure and easy to use. I’ve had a few wins on this platform – the money was withdrawn quickly and came to me in full.

Omari G avatar
Omari G

I have a lot of experience with betting sites and I can confidently say that YesPlay is legit. Many lotto variants, casino games, sports betting… I think I tried it all. Also, their technical support is on point, so you won’t feel like you are left alone if you get any questions. You shouldn’t miss out on this site! It’s a suitable platform for everyone.

Bokamoso avatar

YesPlay is one of the best platforms for players who bet on live sports events. The functionality is outstanding, and the stats they provide are accurate and complete. People with strong analytical skills will always find a way to win here.

Sbusiso avatar

The site is good, and I seriously do not understand people who blame it for not letting them win. Take the effort to master the rules of your chosen game first and have a well-designed playing strategy ready. Luck comes to the prepared!

Mandla avatar

In Japan, I got hooked on their Loto 6 6/43. I was worried I’d not be able to find a bookie to continue playing it when I was back in South Africa. Lucky for me, YesPlay has it too. Great service!

Abeni avatar

I play Lucky numbers every week and I am glad I can do it from home now. No need to search for a retailer around, just click a few buttons, and you are good to go. Very few sites are as easy and convenient for the user. I give it 5 stars!

Gabriel H avatar
Gabriel H

I wish there was a wider selection of sporting events, but otherwise Yesplay is great!

Zarina avatar

I have been betting on YesPlay for four months now and I have had a lot of good experiences with the platform. Recently there is a live casino section which is very pleasing. There are online games with live dealers, a wide range of gambling games, betting on lotteries and sports events. I give the platform a 9/10.

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