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Unreasonably high bet cancellations with no proper explanations leaves a bad taste in my mouth just thinking of this site. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

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This site is over-hyped, I don't see myself using this site again. I lost a couple of bets due to the lag of the site. These issues need to be fixed.

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Botwe Soty

I like the website for its convenience, accessibility, a rich choice of betting games, and relatively simple wins withdrawals. But I hate the design, which is too aggressive and lacks the genuine South African feel that other online platforms provide. There is too much red and black, eyes get tired quickly, and you no longer can understand what the numbers on the screen mean. I think they should revamp the looks and apply some more soothing colors.

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I urge everyone to think twice before betting on Getting your prize money is a real pain. It can take forever to get a withdrawal. They keep making up excuses, hoping you will give up and let it go. Terrible!

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Lucy Robins

Terrible platform with the most ignorant customer support. I played on many sites in the past and this is not the one I want to use again. I had some problems with my account, but they just ignored my requests.

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Zoyi D

Playbet surprised me with very good odds for betting on sports events. I like the fact that there is an option to bet on horse racing events that is not so popular with other platforms. You can also bet on some lotteries but I haven’t used this option yet.

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I give it a 10/10. My first betting platform, very good, good odds, availability of online streaming with almost no delay, lots of different events. I don’t have any delays in getting my bets processed, the withdrawal and deposits are immediate, there was a 5 min delay at most. I have not experienced any disadvantages.

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The only plus is a great site design, it works without lags and delays. That is where the positive aspects of Playbet end. Once I had to wait a whole week to withdraw my winnings for one bet! After that I don’t want to place any bets on this platform.

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Try to find me such a great site and I’ll pay you! Here’s my little review of Playabet. Overall, I would rate the platform a 7/10. That’s a pretty high score, as many of the competitors of this site don’t even make it to a 4. I liked that each lottery section and FAQ explains in detail to users their chances of winning in different conditions. I was also pleased with the nice perks of registering and verifying new accounts. Now to the downsides. There are some problems with the work of the site itself (sometimes Playabet hangs up and the problem here is definitely not in my Internet connection). In addition, the withdrawal of funds may be delayed for a day. However, for now playabet remains the best among similar platforms.

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So did you get the money out?

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Yes, the withdrawals are fine.

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What a total fraud! The site says I won money after betting on the lottery, but it never reaches my bank card!

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Don’t worry, it happens here sometimes. It’s because the load on the site is too high. It takes me a couple of days on average to withdraw, but the money always comes to my card.

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