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Reviews about Millionaires Gaming Sports Betting


Sam avatar

Excellent site for those who enjoy sports betting. I have been a user for months and it’s been quite a smooth road from the beginning. I had one issue with my account but it got fixed fast.

Regina avatar

If you're looking to lose money, then Mgsportsbetting is the perfect place for you! The odds are never in your favor, and the site is constantly crashing. Good luck trying to get your money back when you inevitably lose it all!

Gerald avatar

Terrible glitchy site that I used several times and left. I didn’t expect it to suck so much but it’s just impossible to use and my friends had the same experience.

Katrina avatar

Awful platform! I have already given up hope that I will see the money I won and there is no one there to fix the problem even though I tried talking to customer support several times. It’s definitely a scam.

Joel avatar

Avoid Mgsportsbetting at all cost – there are much better websites out there that will give you a much better experience.

CherylP4 avatar

I regret giving this platform a try. They don’t care about their players at all. I tried contacting customer support because I had some problems with my account but no one helped. Disappointing!

Kagiso avatar
Kagiso has excellent customer care and provides a very personalized approach. These people are nicely trained and eager to assist 24/7! That's what I call high-class, client-oriented service.

Farai avatar

Millionaires Gaming Sports Betting is a fantastic bookie for picky sports betting fans and high rollers!

DalitsoP22 avatar

First, they refused to pay me out, saying I hadn’t provided all the documents to verify the account. And now, after a spirited chat with one of their customer support managers, my mgsportsbetting account is blocked completely! Crooks!

Chifundo avatar

What they do at MG Sports Betting is try to avoid validating your account after you win a large sum of money. They are never pleased with the documents you provide and always ask for more, hoping to wear you out to the point where you just up and leave empty-handed…

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