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Reviews about Millionaires Gaming Sports Betting


Sam Donart avatar
Sam Donart

I have been betting with this bookie for several months. Mg Sports Betting is a pretty solid service that lets you win often enough. Withdrawals are not particularly quick, but that is a common problem for most SA and international betting platforms. At least, they are not known for taking their players’ money and blocking accounts to avoid arbitration.

Odion avatar

The site is quite aggravating; it slows and freezes at inopportune times, causing you to lose money, and customer assistance is also lacking. They promise to do something but don't.

Okello G avatar
Okello G

Absolutely awful! There are too many things that are wrong about this site – the selection of games is limited, it lags like crazy, and it took me five attempts to deposit money, which is just ridiculous. I tried playing for two days and realized it’s not worth it. There is no enjoyment in using this site, you simply struggle all the time.

Hamidi R avatar
Hamidi R

I have been an MG Sports Betting user for the past 2 years and I have nothing to complain about. I’m not sure you can win millions here, but smaller amounts are paid more or less quickly and in full. Thanks!

Lourence G avatar
Lourence G

I doubt there ever was a single MG Sports Betting player who enjoyed the platform and was able to pick their winnings effortlessly. The guys sound like a complete scam.

Mbalenhle avatar

They don’t deserve even a 1-star review! The creators of this platform are scammers, so don’t be surprised if you don’t get any money after winning your bets.

Leka T avatar
Leka T

Great site for betting on a wide variety of events. Easy to understand mechanism of how the winnings are formed and a lot of information about the sporting events themselves. I recommend it!

Karim Muatrow avatar
Karim Muatrow

So far so good, haven’t run into any of the problems described in previous reviews. MGSportsbetting has its downsides, but overall the benefits of the platform outweigh its downsides.

Katarina Golder avatar
Katarina Golder

Started betting on the platform recently. So far so good.

Molka avatar

High margin. Unreasonable cancellations of bets. And it’s not the first time! If you want to make good money on sports betting, you’d better look for another platform.

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