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Reviews about Millionaires Gaming Sports Betting


Ayanda avatar

Hey, I tried MG Sports Betting for a bit, but it's not my vibe. The site is so sluggish, taking forever to load and bet. And where's the live sports streaming? That's just slack. Live casino games are dope, but that doesn't make up for the rest. I'm bouncing, bru.

Thabo avatar

I quite enjoy MG Sports Betting. I've been on their site for a couple of months and I'm satisfied with the variety of sports and casino games they provide.

Thabani avatar

MG Sports Betting is alright in my books. Good sports options and fair odds, but the site can drag a bit, and live sports streaming is lacking. Their live casino games are cool though. All in all, it's an okay site, but better ones are out there.

Sarah avatar

Yo, MG Sports Betting is the worst. They don't have enough sports and casino games, the Welcome Bonus is a trap and they don't have live streaming for sports. The site is also slow as hell. Don't waste your time or money with these guys, they ain't worth it.

Pieter avatar

I'm a fan of MG Sports Betting. I've been using their site for a few months now and I'm happy with the selection of sports and casino games they have available.

MariusMK avatar

MG Sports Betting is a joke. The site is slow and the selection of sports and casino games is limited. The Welcome Bonus is a scam and they don't have live streaming for sports. I've also had issues with deposits and withdrawals. I don't know how they're still in business.

Magdalena avatar

MG Sports Betting is okay I guess. The site is easy to navigate and there are plenty of sports and casino games to choose from. The Welcome Bonus is a nice perk. However, I do wish they had live streaming for sports and more BetGames available. The lack of these features is a bit of a bummer.

Sam avatar

Excellent site for those who enjoy sports betting. I have been a user for months and it’s been quite a smooth road from the beginning. I had one issue with my account but it got fixed fast.

Regina avatar

If you're looking to lose money, then Mgsportsbetting is the perfect place for you! The odds are never in your favor, and the site is constantly crashing. Good luck trying to get your money back when you inevitably lose it all!

Gerald avatar

Terrible glitchy site that I used several times and left. I didn’t expect it to suck so much but it’s just impossible to use and my friends had the same experience.

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