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This site is a scam, my account got blocked right after I won a match, how convenient and customer support has since stopped replying to my queries.

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Badu Farawa

In my experience, the most terrible platform I tried. The site is outdated and it freezes at the worst moments. Also, it takes weeks to receive winnings if not longer.

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Betway has been my favorite for two years now. It is the best site to come to when looking for kick-ass games and some real sports action. Big wins are possible with the right betting strategy. Never had a problem withdrawing my money – it is almost instant and very efficient. Definitely worth your time!

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User-friendly site with interesting betting options. There are some minor glitches, but they don’t affect your betting. Withdrawals are fast, so I like using it.

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Worst betting company ever! My husband won R700, betting on a football event last August, and has been trying to collect his winnings ever since.

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Avoid this site at all costs! This is my first negative review ever, but they deserve it. I couldn’t withdraw money and they blocked me after I complained. Scam.

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I usually bet on BetWay on sports. They let you make money. Never had an account blocked. One of the best platforms of its kind. Quick withdrawal of funds.

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Makiba Nart

Best example of a site with great odds for sporting events!

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I still can’t understand, if casinos are bad, why are there so many people playing there? Is the casino a bad thing or not? Is it possible to win? Thank you all for your answers.

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Scammers. They don’t withdraw the money. That’s it for me. Nothing more to say.

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