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Lots of games, sure, but finding them is a headache. And that 6x wagering requirement? Not a fan. It’s an okay site, but could be better. At least the site is mobile-friendly. I also noticed they update their sports odds pretty quickly. They offer multiple payment methods, but I had some trouble with the withdrawal process. It could be smoother. Maybe I'll give it another try sometime.

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Seriously, a 6x wagering requirement? Come on,, you can do better. Mainstream sports get all the attention, but what about the rest? It's like they don't even care about anyone who's not into soccer or rugby. The website does look clean though. It's easy to find what you're not looking for.

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Don't bother with, bru. Their odds are as dodgy as a three-legged horse, and their site is frustratingly slow. On top of that, their customer service is as scarce as hen's teeth. There are way better options out there, so don't waste your time with these okes.

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Jenna is an absolute mess, bru. The site is either down, or when it's up, it's extremely slow. Plus, I've encountered countless issues when trying to cash out my winnings. And the customer service is a joke – I've attempted to contact them several times, but they never pick up the phone. All said and done, I'd avoid this one, boet.

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I've experienced ups and downs with On one side, the site is simple to navigate and the support team has been useful when I've had queries. On the flip side, I've faced some technical glitches when trying to place bets, and the odds haven't always been favourable. All things considered, it's an average choice, but not my top pick.

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I've been on for some time, and it's been great. The platform is easy to navigate, and I've encountered no problems with deposits or withdrawals. Their promotions are a cool bonus. Overall, my experience with has been positive.

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Mtendere's got me fuming, bru. Their customer support's missing in action, and I couldn't get help for love nor money. The site's slow as a tortoise and keeps crashing. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, man.

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Willem is a bloody disaster if you ask me. The website is always down, or when it is working it's super slow. Plus, I've had numerous problems with getting my winnings paid out. And don't even get me started on the customer service – I've tried to get hold of them several times and they never answer the phone. All in all, I'd steer clear of this one, bra.

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I've had a mixed experience with On the one hand, the website is easy to navigate and the customer service has been helpful when I've had questions. On the other hand, I've had some technical issues when trying to place bets and the odds haven't always been the best. All in all, it's an okay option, but not my first choice.

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I'm really disappointed with The website is slow and difficult to use, and I've had multiple issues with deposits and withdrawals. I also feel like the odds are often skewed in favour of the bookmaker. I definitely won't be using this site again and would not recommend it to others.

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